KFC Fish Donuts

With so many new and exciting dining options while traveling, I rarely eat at familiar American based fast food chains. When I do, however, it’s always fun so see what’s on the menu. A torrential rainstorm while motorcycling across Langkawi Island, Malaysia sent us scrambling into Kentucky Fried Chicken for cover. We were lucky enough to order these beauties…..

Fish Donuts

KFC Fish Donuts

Premium fish chunks shaped into donuts, deep fried until golden brown, tossed with powdered sugar, sesame seeds, then served with tangy tartar sauce.

The conclusion? Delicious !!!!!

Here are a few more fast food items you should try while abroad.

Cheese and marmite panini / Starbucks / United Kingdom
Potato and paneer roll / Taco Bell / India
Creme fraiche and Reblochon cheese pizza / Domino’s Pizza / France
Dried pork and seaweed donut / Dunkin Donuts / China
Kimchi croquettes / Dunkin Donuts / South Korea
Chicken and rice porridge / McDonald’s / Malaysia
Coffee jelly / Wendy’s / Philippines
Yuzu fried chicken / KFC / Japan
Gazpacho / McDonald’s / Spain
Supreme shrimp sandwich / KFC / Morocco

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