Van Kampen’s Hot House Tomato Salad

Van Kampen’s Greenhouses is a landmark in Charlottetown. Dutch immigrant, Gijsbertus VanKampen, came to Canada in 1953 and six years later, purchased a small greenhouse business, Gay’s Market Garden, in 1959. Van Kampen, who had a background in agriculture, added greenhouses to the once small business until it grew to two acres. His wife, Gerry, whom he met in Charlottetown but is also from Holland, worked alongside her husband to build the business. Their sons, Charlie and William, would take over the company in 1984. Going to Van Kampen’s is a springtime ritual in Charlottetown and many youngsters received their first plant, a peanut plant, from the company free of charge.

Chef Chris Colburn / Dalvay by the Sea
with Fresh Mozzarella, Aged Sherry Vinegar, Newfoundland Sea Salt, and Toasted Pine Nuts

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