The Hounds of Cheverny Castle

Situated in the Loire Valley, the Chateau de Cheverny is one of the best-preserved chateaux in France. When you spend the day here you’ll find beautiful furniture, manicured grounds, and, fun, seasonally themed interior decorations. The chateau is best known, however, for something very different.

The famous Hounds of Cheverny.

There are over 100 dogs here, all of them a cross of English Fox hound and French Poitevins. Built in 1850 and restored in 2012, the kennels definitely have a funky stink but the animals are well cared for and and follow the standards the Environment Code, the Rural Code, and the Code of Public Health.

All of the dogs are used for hunting in order to keep the the local population of Wild Boar and Roe Deer in check.

Mom and I were lucky enough to arrive during their feeding time which was quite a sight to see.

The dogs are fed daily at 11:30am.
Visitors can observe the feeding on Mon, Wed, and Friday from April-September.

While most visitors mainly come to see the dogs, the chateaux and grounds are worth checking out as well.

Mom’s new boyfriend.

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