Traffic in Hanoi

Traffic in Hanoi is by far the crazies of any place I’ve ever been.

There are thousands of bars and cafes in Hanoi where you can perch yourself on a balcony and watch the world go by. I took the video below in the Old Quarter.

Here in the Old Quarter, traffic is particularly hectic but at least it tends to move slowly, and it’s mainly motorbikes. Sometimes you’ll find so-called pedestrian crossings at traffic lights, but still take care when crossing and bear in mind that traffic turning right doesn’t tend to stop at a red light; so even if the little man is green, there might be traffic passing by.

Once you get out of the Old Quarter and onto some of the cities main roads, you’ll be faced with a lot more cars, buses, and trucks and this is where it can become dangerous. I’m not aware of any Vietnamese rules of the road but it’s easy to follow one simple rule. The biggest vehicle always has the right away.

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